How To Apply:

  1. Create an account and Login
  2. Fill out the application form with all necessary documentation
  3. Pay all necessary fees
  4. Submit all necessary documents by deadline
Application Guide
3.0 Detailed Questions

  • In this section, you are asked to give detailed answers about your skills and experience as a language teacher. Question 3 is related to your language-based prerequisites so please answer accordingly.

4.0 Scope of Application

  • In this section, you should put a tick mark beside each of the Academic or Skill based qualifications you have. How you fill this section out will be a reflection of which tier of certification you are eligible for. For each section, you should specify the type of specialization you possess.

5.0 References

  • In this section, you should give a brief outline of who your references are. If your reference has provided something to you in writing, you should attach it with the application form.

6.0 Required Documents

  • In this section, you should upload all necessary documents. The criminal record check should be recent. You also have the option to provide reference letters, though they are not mandatory. Any you do provide should reflect the type of certification you are applying for well.
All GETQA Certification is valid for 5 years. The fees are as follows*:
Silver Certification $200
Gold Certification $200
Renewal Fee (valid for 5 more years) $100
Replacement Fee (no time added) $100
Upgrade Fee (5 additonal years added) $100
* all fees are subject to delivery costs.
Delivery Fee Costs:
Canada $35.00
United States $35.00
International $65.00
Any communication and documentation submitted by an applicant will only be viewed by the appropriate GETQA staff.
All applications and documents should be submitted electronically form to
An applicant risks losing certification on the grounds that:

  • any documentation has been falsified
  • the GETQA certification is misrepresented