Global Education Training Quality Assurance(GETQA) is an organization that recognizes and distinguishes specific subject-based skillsets of language teachers.
That is to say, if language teachers have familiarity or expertise in subjects outside of language, we demonstrate for them that they can teach said subjects in an English-based context. We are also able to verify all academic and skill-based certification for teachers so that future employers can know of their legitimacy.

GETQA is recognition assuring potential employers and students of a teacher’s viability and proficiency in academic contexts including and outside of language.


The GETQA Certification is essential for two types of teaching professionals:

  1. Teachers who have experience and knowledge of academic-based subjects ranging from math and science to information technology.
  2. Teachers who have experience and knowledge of specific types of skills including life-skills such as cooking or sewing and athletic coaching skills.

All teachers should already have a language proficiency certificate to apply